Why Titanfall 2 Deserves Your Time

Titanfall 2 Reviewed on: Xbox One

After playing the campaign and a marathon of multiplayer in Titanfall 2, I can safely say that I’ve already made back my $30 purchase, and the value is only going to add up from here as I attempt to 100% the campaign on the hardest difficulty and improve my skills at the multiplayer.

It’s so great to finally get another game I genuinely want to be good at. Titanfall 2 kept me engaged through it’s epic and engaging single-player campaign, as well as it’s fine-tuned and fast-paced twitch multiplayer.


The game starts you out with a cinematic showing you how deadly, fast, and bad ass the pilots of the titans are. This is pretty much what I’ve been striving for while I’ve been playing the game. To master it’s combination of movement, with wall-running, sliding, hovering, grappling, and mounting friendly and enemy titans, all the while attempting to aim and shoot and the bad guys.

Looking at the gameplay, it seems almost intimidating to try and master this runny- jumpy-shooty method of play, but once you get a feel for it, you won’t be able to stop jumping around like a maniac searching for other pilots to kill. In fact, this game-play is so successful that Call of Duty has implemented similar movement options since Black Ops III.


It just works so well and it’s so damn fun. The pilot gameplay would be fun enough by itself, but it’s the inclusion of the ever-intimidating Titans, who act as enormous reapers on the battlefield, one-shotting enemy pilots while also attempting to fight off other Titans.

And, the Titans feel exactly the way I would expect them to. They don’t seem overpowered, even one specific titan class over another, since all of the Titans have different tactics and strategies for their strengths. For example, I like to use the Scorch titan, who’s the biggest and slowest Titan, and I’ll try and creep up close to enemies, deal as much damage as I can with his more ranged abilities, then move in even closer for the flame shield kill. Other Titans are more long ranged, and others more in-between.


And that’s what’s great about this game. There are several ways to play. I simply can’t get enough of running quickly around the map acting as a pilot hunter, but one could also take a slower approach. Sniping seems to be an equally effective method of game-play, and one that requires more strategic positioning than evading bullets by pin-balling yourself off walls.

Plus, the developers seem to be committed to this game’s long-run success, and are now dropping free content patches. You can see the most recent one from this Gamespot article: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/titanfall-2-update-adds-free-map-and-more-see-the-/1100-6449069/

And that’s just the gameplay and multiplayer. Never have I been so engaged by a first person shooter’s campaign. The voice acting is great, the main character is funny and relatable, and the story is interesting. The game gives you options on what you’d like to reply to your Titan with when he tells you something, and I was never disappointed with what the protagonist chose to say. The level design is also very clever and interesting, especially in some of the earlier levels.

My only complaint is I found myself not really caring at all about the antagonists of the game. The enemy pilot bosses you must fight are somewhat archetypal and bland, but the voice actors actually do a fine job of realizing these characters, so I can appreciate that.

Titanfall 2 is a lot better than I expected, and I was expecting quite a bit from the once brand new IP Titanfall’s sequel. Titanfall’s universe deserved a singleplayer experience, and they delivered along with that signature draw of unique and polished gameplay.

I give Titanfall 2 a 9/10, point taken for character writing.

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