How Overwatch Will keep You Coming Back for More

I could talk about how feel Overwatch holds up as a game, but I don’t feel it’s necessary. It’s really taken the gaming world by storm and still holds up a massive player-base of over 25 million. How does it do this though? If you were to buy Overwatch, what keeps you from getting bored?

Well, with the new inclusion of the character Orisa, a tank with a ranged deploy-able shield and some pretty good firepower and abilities. The addition of the new green and white African quadruped sentry bot greatly shakes up the gameplay meta.


And Overwatch isn’t going to stop including new characters in the foreseeable future. Once you’re invested in the game and care about how skilled you are, and how each character plays off the other, there is a constant draw to both Overwatch’s gameplay and community. Then you can get in on the sick memes.

Plus, with each new character, there’s new extra media to consume regarding the interesting comic-book-like futuristic world of Overwatch. Check out this animated short they released when the last character before Orisa was released, Sombra.

There’s a lot to be excited about in Overwatch, so if you’re looking for a new first person shooter with tight gameplay and a heavy focus on team cooperation, this game is for you.

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